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Amanteigado - Da Morgada 100Gm

(Imported Cheeses)

Its full name -- Queijo Amanteigado de Ovelha -- means "buttered sheep cheese," and once these plump Portuguese wheels get to peak ripeness, their texture resembles room-temperature, sweet-cream butter in color, texture and sheen. Handmade in the hills near Seia using the raw milk of the Serra da Estrela breed of sheep, it is a thistle-renneted cheese, meaning the curds are set using a sort of tea brewed from local Cynara cadunculus thistle flowers. In addition to causing the paste to ooze upon ripeness, the thistle also lends a spicy, floral flavor to the sweet, clean, slightly acidic cheese. Each wheel's perimeter is wrapped in a white bandage.


Natural Rind

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